Tungstic Acid Producing Tungsten Trioxide

tungstic acid picture

Tungstic acid used for preparing tungsten trioxide can be analyzed from its component, the researches of thermal analysis, infrared spectroscopy and ion exchange about tungstic acid indicates that tungstic acid may be multi-core material with oxygen bridge connection, and has complexing water molecules, thus, the formula of tungstic acid can be WO3•nH2O, which is hydrated tungstic acid.

There are many forms of tungstic acid, general term for variety hydrate forms of tungsten trioxide (WO3), while the simplest form is WO3•H2O, and the other common form is WO3•2H2O. Powdery yellow tungstic acid is the representative of tungstic acid, researches have shown that yellow tungstic acid will lose molecule of complex water and converted to yellow WO3 when heated to 100°C.

Besides, the preparation of tungsten trioxide from tungstic acid can also depend on calcination in a quartz tube furnace, and the obtained tungsten trioxide has the advantages of wide particle distribution, low impurity content, convenient to material with poor liquidity (Like tungstic acid); but, it has the shortcomings of labor intensity, low productivity, poor consistency of the finished tungsten oxide, high operating costs.