tungstic Acid Physical Property

tungstic acid picture

The physical property of tungstic acid includes appearance, density, melting point and solubility ect.. Yellow tungstic acid is the representative of tungstic acid, a normal tungstic acid with yellow crystal or powder; white tungstic acid is the white powder with microcrystalline; while metatungstic acid is a kind of poly tungsten acid, the only one compound in all the tungstic acid which has the confirmed structure, the colorless crystal.

Physical property of yellow tungstic acid
Appearance: Yellow powder
Molar mass: 249.85 g•mol-1
Density: 5.59 g/cm3
Melting Point: 100°C (Decomposition Temperature)
Solubility (Water): Insoluble
Solubility (Other Solvent): Hardly soluble in inorganic acid but for hydrofluoric acid, soluble in alkali, hydrofluoric acid and ammonia water; dissolves slightly in hydrochloric acid.