High Purity Tungstic Acid

tungstic acid picture

Usually, the tungstic acid in market is the product with tungsten trioxide (WO3) content of 90.0%, yellow powder; here we provide our tungstic acid specification table:

High purity tungstic acid is product with purity far higher than optimal level of pure tungsten acid product, the highest purity reagent which is produced by using a special method for special application, the high purity tungsten acid may has the tungsten trioxide (WO3) content up to 99.95% or more. In order to obtain high purity tungsten acid, the impurities of source product of sodium tungstate should be controlled; commonly, ion exchange and other special methods can be used for removing excess impurities, such as sulfur (S), molybdenum (Mo), phosphorus (P), arsenic (As), calcium (Ca) and copper (Cu), etc.

The impurity content in high purity reagent should be controlled, and the benchmark reagents is mainly controlling the main content; the benchmark reagents can be used for preparing standard solution, however, the high purity reagent can not be used in the preparation of standard solution (except elemental oxides).