Tungstic Acid Application

tungstic acid picture

The general formula of tungstic acid is mWO3•nH2O, the known tungstic acid is variety, and most of them are compounds which formed by the combination of tungsten trioxide WO3 and then united with water at different ratio and formation. Tungstic acid includes yellow, white tungstic acid and metatungstic acid ect..

The application of tungstic acid is reflected in the following aspects:
1. Tungstic acid is an important chemical raw material, which can be used for producing of metal tungsten, tungsten wire and tungstate ect.;
2. Used for mordant, pigment, dye, ink because of its rich color;
3. As the weighting agents or fabric auxiliaries in the textile industry, since the mixtures of tungstic acid, ammonium sulfate, ammonium phosphate and others can be used for fiber of fire-proof and water-proof, this kind of fiber can be made of fireproof artificial silk and artificial cotton, and also can be used for leather tanning;

4. Electroplating coating corrosion;
5. Used as a cosolvent to be introduced into glaze to play the roles of lowering firing temperature and complementary color;
6. The manufacture of petroleum industry and aviation, aerospace materials.